Miles "Boo-Boo" Kipling is a character in The Get Down and is played by T.J. Brown Jr.


The wild one and the heart of the group.

Boo Boo Kipling, or Miles Kipling, is the youngest of the Kipling clan. He’s the irrepressible tagalong little brother and the runt of the litter with a wisecracking wild bravado. With his indestructible energy, Boo Boo’s always first on the dance floor when the needle drops on the record.

Boo-Boo later decided he is old enough to make his own decisions to run product in order to get more money and wants to be a child of the streets to impress his lady Carmelita, but like a fat man from Brooklyn once said "Mo' Money Mo' Problems" — which is completely undeniable. Although, Shao was hesitant to allow him to do this, but later gave in and allowed him to slang drugs as long as he doesn't tell his brothers. At the end of part two, Boo-Boo is arrested for selling PCP.

Formation of the Get Down Brothers Edit

Boo-Boo's confiding in the main protagonist Zeke after he has come back from a club; when famous graffiti artist Shaolin Fantastic shows up calling Boo-Boo names and tells them to follow him to the fliest secret underground party in all of New York. There he is blown away by this new style of hip-hop created by Grandmaster Flash known as "The Get Down." Grandmaster Flash's wordsmith hands mic to Zeke because he is the 'chosen one' and he kills it. Rapping about his 'get down crew' he introduces Ra-Ra, Dizzee, Shaolin, and Boo. With that the wheels are set in motion and The Get Down Brothers are born.

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