Thor is a character in The Get Down portrayed by Noah Le Gros. A graffiti artist with a free lifestyle, Thor grew close with fellow tagger Marcus "Dizzee" Kipling.hi

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Thor is Dizzee's boyfriend, a fellow graffiti artist who admires his art and outlook on life. Throughout the series they grow closer, and collab on many art pieces. Thor played Dizzee's younger sisters record "The Soul Madonnas" at a LGBT disco which was one of the reasons it blew up so large, showing that disco scene was very influential during the 70s.

Thor rescued Dizzee when the latter was running from the cops who were pursuing graffiti artists because of Mayor Ed Koch's crackdown on graffiti. The boys knew of each other by their work, were equally impressed with the other's art and ended up exchanging books to make a piece for each other.

Thor was sent to the Rikers Island prison complex for vandalism. While Thor was locked up, Dizzee sent him pages from his comics which chronicled the adventures of The Get Down Brothers.

Eventually, Thor was released on parole and went to see Dizzee at his show with The Get Down Brothers, where Dizzee accidentally smoked a PCP-laced joint and passed out on the floor. After recovering, Dizzee stayed with Thor in his apartment where they spent their days painting. Thor told Dizzee he didn't want him to do graffiti any more because the mayor was cracking down on it hard, but Dizzee said that's why they had to fight. Thor and Dizzee were later pursued by police officers when they were out painting. While Thor was caught, Dizzee ran away into a tunnel towards an oncoming train.

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